The most comprehensive fitness app

Fitness Tracker

Assessments Tracker

Nutrition Tracker

All combined in one amazing app

Record and track your workouts in the fitness section.  It’s easy to use and has over 1350 exercises to chose from.

Record and track your assessments to help manage goals.  Over 20 different assessment to choose from.

Record and track your nutrition with the app, fitness doesn’t matter without nutrition.  Accountability to all 3 areas is the key.

Ad Free!  RA-Fit is your one fitness app to track and record your workouts, body assessments, and macro-nutrients focused on a very clean and simple to use approach. It is your complete fitness app. Whether you are just beginning this journey to a fit and healthy lifestyle or a seasoned pro, this fitness app is easy to use for everyone. Comes with built in timers; countdown, stop-watch and tabata.

The app is stored on a server, so you can use it on multiple devices without the hassle of backing up your data and restoring it on another device.  It is broken into 3 sections; Fitness, Assessments & Nutrition. Each area is equally important in order to help you reach your fitness goals. Separate menu options, which allows for easy navigation for each individual module.

RA-Fit is your complete fitness app, fitness tracker, assessment tracker, and nutrition tracker. With RA-Fit you can create your own workouts and be held accountable using the assessment tracker and nutrition tracker.

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